Overdrive pedal with tone stack based on a popular Tube Overdrive Pedal. Features clipping drive, output level and treble, middle, bass tone controls. True bypass switching with blue L.E.D. indicator. 9V Battery operation or D.C. input jack.

(You can hear the prototype of this pedal in operation on the Premier Guitar video on our links page)

MAP $185.00


The TZZ1954FCL differs from the industry standard by offering a continuously variable Compression ratio and independent continuously variable threshold control. Additionally A direct signal level control is provided to allow blending of the uncompressed attack transients
For a more natural attack if that is desired.

Attack Time is continuously adjustable from less than 20microseconds to 800microseconds. The fast attack time response is independent of peak frequency content or duration. Over the audio band the full limiting action will stabilize in under a half cycle. Release time is continuously variable from 50msec to 1.1sec. Release time is defined as the time it takes for the gain to recover to within 63% of the normal non-limiting gain.

9VDC battery operation or standard 9V DC power supply.

MAP $299.00


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