1. How do you pronounce your name?
TomasZewicZ is pronounced "Tomas-evich".

2. Where can I try one of your amps?
Currently we only sell direct. If you are in Florida we can possibly bring an amp to one of your next gigs just call us or send us an email. You can look for us at the next upcoming Amp show or NAMM Show. Your best bet is to call us or send an email and we will see what kind of arrangements can be made.

3. Are your amps point to point?

  • We use a hybrid comination of Printed Circuit Boards, Turret Boards, and Point to Point.
  • PCB's are utilized for their repeatability, consistency, and ability to provide ground plane shielding. PCB's are 1Oz. copper with plated through holes.
  • Tubes are chassis mounted and wired point to point on the PCB
  • Turret boards and PTP terminal strip construction is utilized where it is best suited.
  • Call or email for my collection of papers by respected amp builders on this subject.

4. What is your lead time?
If an amp is not in stock it would be 2-4 weeks.

5. Do you build custom designs?
Yes give us a call for details.


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TomasZewicZ Amps
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Cell: 954.857.6033

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