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In 1972 I decided to become an electric engineer and set upon my journey to take rock amplification to that next level. If you are serious about sound and your music, you must try one of of my amps.

  • More Clarity
  • Rich Harmonics
  • Deeper Bass
  • Extended Highs
  • Astonishing Articulation
    (that improved my playing noticeably)

Many musicians are not tone detail oriented and are still awesome players, however, if you crave detail and response and love to be inspired by your guitar amp then CHECK ONE OUT!

The Tomaszewicz amps sustain control provides dynamic control with a bit of overdrive that results in a polished studio mastered type of response previously heard on well produced recordings. The sustain control provides well defined attack and enhances the harmonic expression in your fingertips

  • Original Design.
  • Component ratings exceed voltage and temperature environment over the frequency band required for square waves generated.
  • Transformers rated at double the actual power output yielding solid response and long life.
  • Sustain feature is a fully integrated high-end type of dynamic range control system.
  • Buffered effects loop with tube makeup gain circuit.
  • Cathode bias design - does not require amp re-biasing while replacing power tubes. This hold true for EL34, 6L6, and 5881.
  • Lower plate voltages used for extended tube life.
  • Combination of PC board and point-to-point construction taking advantage of the strengths of each method:

PC Board: Repeatability
Ground Planes

  • Point-to-Point: For chassis mounted tubes
  • Modular design - to ease servicing.
  • One year guaranty parts, labor, & shipping (except tubes)
  • No switches or relays (except for power switches)
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TomasZewicZ Amps
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